6 sectors presenting ’emerging’ occupations

emerging occupationsNew scientific discoveries and rapid changes in technology highlight the prospect of new and exciting careers in the 21st century. The digital age, for example, has meant that we have never been more globally connected than we are today. So what will this mean for the future? What opportunities are on the horizon for school leavers or for those who are thinking about changing career paths?

There are many new and emerging jobs and industries in Australia that didn’t exist in their current form a few years ago. Early identification of these new opportunities is important to ensure that educational and training programs are preparing our workforce with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to fulfil these jobs in the future.

‘There are many new and emerging jobs and industries that didn’t exist in their current form a few years ago.’

The dominance of big data is an influencing factor for high demand jobs; however, there are several other sectors that are presenting new opportunities, including:

  • Digital marketing: Data analytics is providing opportunities to measure performance effectively and closely track return on investment.
  • Cyber security: Cyber security is driving the growing need for consistent, organisation-wide responses to digital business risk.
  • Healthcare: Positions in outpatient care centres and home healthcare agencies are growing quickly. Along with disease management expertise, these roles will have a sophisticated understanding of the data and analytics tools available as well as business priorities across the spectrum of healthcare providers.
  • Retail: The retail industry is borrowing ideas from the startup world and investing in new initiatives that identify growth opportunities across digital media and technology. For example, some businesses are using insights obtained from customer behaviour analytics to create highly targeted engagement and marketing strategies.
  • Manufacturing: Industrial processes are more technology focused, and factory workers will need new skills to operate lasers, sophisticated control tools and robotics equipment.
  • Information technology: Evolving consumer and business needs require effective strategies for mobile and digital platforms.

Take comfort from knowing that recruitment agencies aren’t just seeking people with newly acquired knowledge to fill these emerging occupations; they’re also looking for people with existing skills, or who are prepared to reinvent themselves.