Data Scientist Profile Job

Job Description for Data Scientist

There is a lot of Data Scientist vacancies in famous companies as Apple, Foursquare, PayPal , Amazon , Uber, IBM, Dell, Expedia and others.

Qualified candidates has an in-depth knowledge of most common machine learning techniques and their application. You They understands the limitations of these algorithms and how to tweak them or derive from them to achieve similar results at large-scale. Analyze data, looking for patterns and developing statistical models. Build robust and accurate predictive models .

Data science/applied statistical techniques provides anomaly detection, machine learning, expert systems and/or experimentation.

Qualifications for Data Scientist

      M.S. or PhD in Computer Science, Operations Research, Computational Economics, Statistics, Applied Mathematics.
      2+ years of experiences on industrial analytical areas especially big data analytics (Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis).
      Having knowledge on the Statistics, Predictive Analysis and Modeling, Machine Learning, Data manipulation and/or related areas, and having projected completed on those areas.
      Proficient in one or more programming languages.
      Having basic SQL knowledge and skills, can write SQL queries for retrieving the data from the data repository DB.
      Familiar with R programming, can use R to create analysis programs using linear regression, pattern recognition, machine learning methods.
      Experience with big data techniques (such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Spark).
      Exceptional analytical skills with a strong background in predictive modeling, data-mining or quantitative analysis.