Five Reasons To Quit A New Job Right Away

quit a new jobEasy-to-get, low-paying jobs in badly-run companies are everywhere. You could get a new job like that every week. You could waste a lot of brain and heart cells hoping against hope that one of these lousy jobs will turn out to be better than it seems, but that is not a good bet.

You can lift your sights higher. As you say, you have a degree and two years of teaching experience. You can write a Human-Voiced Resume that showcases your experience and reach out to hiring managers directly rather than pitching applications into online Black Holes.

You can shoot higher, and focus on getting a job (entry-level or otherwise)  in a healthy company with reasonable managers. The quicker and easier it is to get a job, typically the worse the job will be once you start working. That’s not a good deal for you!

 I wouldn’t say that your two short-term jobs taught you nothing. They taught you the signs and signals that will let you know about problems in a company before you start working there. Those two jobs paid your bills for five months.

With luck, those two negative experiences also reminded you that you are a sharp and capable employee – and someone who deserves better than what you’ve experienced in those two jobs!

Sometimes despite our best efforts to check out and evaluate an employer before you start working there, you realize that you’ve taken the wrong job. In that case, should you bail right away or stick around and hope that the situation improves?

If you can afford it, my advice is to cut your losses. It is unlikely that a job in a dysfunctional organization is going to get better in the short term.

There are a lot of advertised opportunities for which you could be a good fit, so if you make the wrong choice, you can un-make your choice and hit the road on your first day, your second day or whenever you realize that the people you’re working for simply don’t deserve you.

Here are five good reasons to quit a new job right away.

1. On your first day they tell you that they’re not going to pay you as much as they originally told you they would pay.

2. As soon as you start the job, they fundamentally change your assignment — either by shifting the working hours, the days of the week you will work, or something else that signals to you that your needs (and their promises) mean nothing to your new bosses.

3. From the start of your new position, you are yelled at, threatened or criticized for things that no one ever taught you how to do. Yelling and threatening seem to be standard operating procedures in your new workplace.

4. Your new job is never done. You are expected to work whenever they need you to work, without notice or compensation.

5. If you are in physical danger or in danger of mistreatment or harassment, get out!

Your health and safety — physical and emotional — are your highest priorities. When you slam the door on the wrong opportunity, better opportunities will come in. You already know that you are capable and employable. Don’t waste your time working for the wrong people!