Media Producer Job Profile

Media ProducerJob Description for Media Producer

plans, administers and reviews activities concerned with publishing, producing films, television programs, theatre, music, or other artistic activities.

Qualification for Media Producer

The entry requirement for this occupation is a bachelor degree or higher qualification or at least 5 years relevant experience. In some instances relevant experience is required in addition to the formal qualification.

Tasks Include:

  • directs the formulation of media production strategies, policies and plans
  • manages productions to meet quantity, quality, cost and timing specifications
  • controls the use of production facilities such as studios and editing equipment, stage and film equipment and rehearsal time
  • directs production quality control to high standards
  • coordinates, issues and reviews production and film shooting schedules
  • monitors production costs and cash flow, relative to budget.


  1. Executive Producer
  2. Film Producer
  3. Television Producer
  4. Stage Producer