Sites to find a Job –New Grad/Entry-Level–
…jobs and career information for college students and recent graduates as well as more experienced job seekers. You can select a job type or company type and start your search (it’s not necessary to be more specific) or browse by company name. Registration and resume storage will let you apply to jobs faster, but they are not required. Nice feature — find a job you like and you can review all jobs with this employer with a simple click of the button. This is a very nice site!

…a long-running directory of resources, services, and information links. Craigslist started by service the San Francisco Bay area, but is expanding to cover more cities. Part of Craigslist is a nice section for Jobs, but don’t skip the Community area with its volunteer opportunities and support features (like childcare). This is one of those Internet sites that started out as a personal project to create a helpful source of info but has turned into one of the better resources for the Bay region.
…operated by JMJ Media, is an international, general job source allowing you to search by location or keyword. You can select the country to search from the pulldown menu on the front page (they only list those countries currently represented in the database, which I appreciate). You can register a resume on the site if you wish (it is free and will simplify the application process), but it is not necessary since most announcements have some sort of direct contact information included.

…find jobs, people, and business opportunities through your network of “trusted contacts.” Anyone can search the jobs board, but to apply for a job listed here you must join the network. One advantage of the job board here — you can find who posted it, connect with him/her or someone else who works (worked) here, and hopefully have a better chance at winning a job offer.
… search by company name, location, discipline, industry, job title, or combinations of these. They also have a tremendous database of information for the job seeker and the employer. Having now visited their member site I might suggest you start searching there as it is a simpler interface.
…a search engine for job sites, including employers. This was developed by the folks who created Jobsinthemoney, so they have a background in online job search and a knowledge of what works online. The search results tell you right in the summary list where the job was found (CareerBuilder, etc.) and how long ago they indexed it. It constantly allows you to better define your search, even creating subcategories from your original broad search (I tested the keyword “librarian” with no specific location.) This will help you decide which boards to visit, and it is very well done. When you select a job to view, you are taken back to the original site, and any applications you make will be through that site, not through
…part of the family, and everything here points you back to a listing on Monster, but I was finding jobs here much more easily than I was finding them on Monster. For example, in I entered the term “librarian” with no specific location selected and found 78 listings. In, I entered the same term “librarian”, did not specify a location and did not tell it to limit the search to Job Titles Only. I found 71 listings. Hmmm. I also notice that if you search in MD just outside of Washington DC but tell Monster to go 40 miles it still doesn’t get you into the District or Virginia, but if you search DC and want to go 40 miles you can go to MD and VA.